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Kalessi is a part of essential services in construction industry and therefore will continue to operate throughout stage 4. We are committed to the safety and wellbeing of our community and to help reduce the spread of COVID-19.

Starting 6th August 2020, Kalessi will offer contactless deliveries. Our driver will deliver the products in a safe location and take photo as proof of delivery. Hence, there will be no longer a need for signature. Our pickups will be contactless as well. Kindly arrange the pickups with our office on (03) 9574 1988 at least 30 minutes prior sending any employees or customers to give us enough time to prepare the item in a safe location and to avoid any delays or complications.

Free delivery on all Bathroom Product orders within melbourne during stage 4 lockdown.

Bathroom Mirrored Cabinets

Contemporary Mirror Cabinets that Stand Out

Add a splash of style to your room with these contemporary mirror cabinets from Kalessi bathroomware. Get a short storage space coupled with convenient mirror to spruce your appeal, at a time. Our shaving cabinets have the clean edges and smooth finish makes it extremely easy for you to clean these cabinets on a regular basis.

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  1. Boston Shaving Cabinet - 1800mm Boston Shaving Cabinet - 1800mm Sale

    Boston Shaving Cabinet - 1800mm

    Special Price A$1,129.00 Regular Price A$1,337.00
  2. Boston Shaving Cabinet - 1500mm Boston Shaving Cabinet - 1500mm Sale

    Boston Shaving Cabinet - 1500mm

    Special Price A$1,049.00 Regular Price A$1,231.00
  3. Boston Shaving Cabinet - 1200mm Boston Shaving Cabinet - 1200mm Sale

    Boston Shaving Cabinet - 1200mm

    Special Price A$889.00 Regular Price A$1,017.00
  4. Boston Shaving Cabinet - 1050mm Boston Shaving Cabinet - 1050mm Sale

    Boston Shaving Cabinet - 1050mm

    Special Price A$799.00 Regular Price A$962.00
  5. Boston Shaving Cabinet - 900mm Boston Shaving Cabinet - 900mm Sale

    Boston Shaving Cabinet - 900mm

    Special Price A$779.00 Regular Price A$917.00
  6. Denver 1500mm Shaving Cabinet Denver 1500mm Shaving Cabinet Sale

    Denver 1500mm Shaving Cabinet

    Special Price A$829.00 Regular Price A$1,004.00
  7. Denver 1200mm Shaving Cabinet Denver 1200mm Shaving Cabinet Sale

    Denver 1200mm Shaving Cabinet

    Special Price A$739.00 Regular Price A$901.00
  8. Denver 1050mm Shaving Cabinet Denver 1050mm Shaving Cabinet Sale

    Denver 1050mm Shaving Cabinet

    Special Price A$789.00 Regular Price A$842.00
  9. Tennessee 1800mm Shaving Cabinet Tennessee 1800mm Shaving Cabinet Sale

    Tennessee 1800mm Shaving Cabinet

    Special Price A$1,047.00 Regular Price A$1,205.00
  10. Tennessee 1500mm Shaving Cabinet Tennessee 1500mm Shaving Cabinet Sale

    Tennessee 1500mm Shaving Cabinet

    Special Price A$869.00 Regular Price A$1,004.00
  11. Tennessee 1200mm Shaving Cabinet Tennessee 1200mm Shaving Cabinet Sale

    Tennessee 1200mm Shaving Cabinet

    Special Price A$779.00 Regular Price A$901.00
  12. Tennessee 1050mm Shaving Cabinet Tennessee 1050mm Shaving Cabinet Sale

    Tennessee 1050mm Shaving Cabinet

    Special Price A$729.00 Regular Price A$842.00
  13. Tennessee 900mm Shaving Cabinet Tennessee 900mm Shaving Cabinet Sale

    Tennessee 900mm Shaving Cabinet

    Special Price A$589.00 Regular Price A$677.00
  14. Tennessee 750mm Shaving Cabinet Tennessee 750mm Shaving Cabinet Sale

    Tennessee 750mm Shaving Cabinet

    Special Price A$549.00 Regular Price A$630.00
  15. Tennessee 600mm Shaving Cabinet Tennessee 600mm Shaving Cabinet Sale

    Tennessee 600mm Shaving Cabinet

    Special Price A$509.00 Regular Price A$586.00
  16. Splice shelves 600mm Splice shelves 600mm Sale

    Splice shelves 600mm

    Special Price A$115.00 Regular Price A$125.00
  17. Splice shelf 450mm Splice shelf 450mm Sale

    Splice shelf 450mm

    Special Price A$95.00 Regular Price A$105.00
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Items 1-33 of 50

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