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Bathroom Mirrored Cabinets

Contemporary Mirror Cabinets that Stand Out

Add a splash of style to your room with these contemporary mirror cabinets from Kalessi bathroomware. Get a short storage space coupled with convenient mirror to spruce your appeal, at a time. Our shaving cabinets have the clean edges and smooth finish makes it extremely easy for you to clean these cabinets on a regular basis.

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  1. Pearl 900 Pearl 900 Sale

    Pearl 900

    Special Price A$1,577.00 Regular Price A$1,699.00
  2. Vera 1500 Vera 1500 Sale

    Vera 1500

    Special Price A$2,300.00 Regular Price A$2,565.00
  3. Vera 1200 Vera 1200 Sale

    Vera 1200

    Special Price A$1,930.00 Regular Price A$2,110.00
  4. Vera 900 Vera 900 Sale

    Vera 900

    Special Price A$1,370.00 Regular Price A$1,525.00
  5. Vera 750 Vera 750 Sale

    Vera 750

    Special Price A$1,280.00 Regular Price A$1,371.82
  6. Amber 1200 Amber 1200 Sale

    Amber 1200

    Special Price A$1,690.00 Regular Price A$1,895.00
  7. amber 900 amber 900 Sale

    amber 900

    Special Price A$1,280.00 Regular Price A$1,475.00
  8. Amber 750 Amber 750 Sale

    Amber 750

    Special Price A$1,210.00 Regular Price A$1,350.00
  9. Boston Shaving Cabinet - 1800mm Boston Shaving Cabinet - 1800mm Sale

    Boston Shaving Cabinet - 1800mm

    Special Price A$1,129.00 Regular Price A$1,337.00
  10. Boston Shaving Cabinet - 1500mm Boston Shaving Cabinet - 1500mm Sale

    Boston Shaving Cabinet - 1500mm

    Special Price A$1,049.00 Regular Price A$1,231.00
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Items 1-33 of 68

per page
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