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Oracle Back To Wall Toilet Suite

  • Back and bottom water inlet.
  • Suitable for variable S/Trap set out from 95mm-200mmm, recommended setout140mm. P/Trap 185mm height. Optional pan collar connector (MM191) variable set out 215mm-275mm
  • WELS CODE L03806
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In order to preserve appearance with minimum effort, we offer the following advice. These easy care recommendations are intended to assist you, our customer. They are based on our experience and judgement but must not be regarded as amounting to a legal warranty or liability on our part. Vitreous China Use a mild household detergent, warm soapy water or cream cleaners and clean with a soft cloth. Toilet Seats/Plastic Cisterns The best method of maintaining the finish while ensuring the cleanliness of toilet seats is simply to wipe over with soapy water and a clean, soft cloth. It is important that no abrasive cleaners or wax-based creams are used as this can result in a build-up of deposits/scratches that will detract from the appearance. Scratches Avoid contact with hard, sharp objects. Should scratches occur on plastic products, fine marks can be removed using a cutting compound normally used for car re-treatment or Brasso, followed by buffing with a car polish and a clean, soft cloth. Chemical Attack Plastic products are resistant to most household products, but are not absolutely stain proof. Spills of some products such as hair lacquer, after shave lotion, nail polish and remover, mineral turpentine, white spirit, kerosene, aerosol propellants and insecticides should be removed immediately by washing the product. To restore toilet seat surface if marked, treat as for scratches. Discolouration Products such as hair dye, bleaches, boot polish and the like will discolour the surface if not removed immediately. Provided the discolouration is not severe, restore the surface as described for scratches. Burns Avoid placing hot objects, such as hair straighteners, curling tongs or lit cigarettes on any plastic surface as these will cause discolouration and marking. Should slight accidental damage occur, it may be possible to remove marks as for scratches. Flushing Flushing cleaners or chemical additives should NOT be used inside the cistern. All warranties will be void if such products are used with our products

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