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AMICA Marble Stone Freestanding Bath

  • Free Standing Engineering Stone Bath
  • Low Profile Edge Cutting
  • Centre Waste
  • 1490x680x530mm
  • 148kg Net Weight
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  • Free Standing Engineering Stone Bath
  • Low Profile Edge Cutting
  • Centre Waste
  • 1490x680x530mm
  • 148kg Net Weight

Caring for your Marblestone Basin/Bath.

Stone benefits from routine care to help them to remain in good condition. It is vital that you rinse and dry the surface of the bath using a towel after each use. This is to prevent mineral or soap scum accumulating on the surface of the stone bath, leaving it unsightly and possibly discolouring the stone.

When it comes to cleaning the bath soapy water, ammonia-based cleaners (make sure you avoid using window cleaners) or solid surface cleaners will be all you need to remove the majority of dirt and residue from all types of stone finishes. If the residue is still stubbornly clinging to its new home then a stronger cleaner needs to be used.

The type of surface your stone bath has is important because regular cleaning may result in the level of gloss on the surface rising overtime. So while there are commonly three types of finishes available - matt, semi-glossy and glossy - your bath will most likely not retain its original finish over a long period.

Removing fine scratches or a blotchy appearance

That new smooth and extremely clean looking stone bath you just bought unfortunately isn't going to stay perfect forever. Overtime you will begin to notice that the surface of the stone bath will look blotchy, which is obviously at odds with the smooth surface of the rest of the bath. This appearance is caused by hard water being left to dry on the surface, which causes a build up of minerals and film that isn't exactly attractive. Thankfully removing this film is pretty simple, and all you need to do is follow these basic steps:

1.        Firstly grab some mildly abrasive cream cleanser and a damp sponge or cloth

2.        Pour the cleanser on to your sponge or cloth and proceed to rub over the affected blotchy area with small circular motions. You need to do this starting from the front and all the way to the back, before moving on to doing the same thing side to side. While you're doing this you need to make sure you are overlapping the circles until you have covered the entire area.

3.        Get some clean water and thoroughly rinse the surface. Remember to wipe the entire surface completely dry when you're done, as you don't want the same thing happening again!

4.        If the blotchiness remains you need to repeat the first three steps. This time around it will require more pressure to be applied on your choice of cleaning material so you're really trying to work that blotchiness out!

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